How it all started

The Van Desh formed late 2010 in Norrtälje, Sweden. It all started with a birthday party and a mission to set up a guitar-virtuos-surprise. Vocals, guitar, drums and bass realized that night that they had great chemistry and decided to start a band, writing their own music. Shortly after, keys were added. The band did their first gig together under the name Haze but soon changed it to The Van Desh.

It Reminds Me (Album)

The idea was to record a single, but after the first studio session they ended up with five solid foundations. As they had the material, a decision was made to record a full album instead. They named the album It Reminds Me after the first song written by the band.

Change (EP)

A change was made. Mikael left the band, Lars decided to continue with other projects and the new guitarist Niklas Klaar recorded the guitars on the EP Change.


The Van Desh have been playing live at legendary clubs and bespoke festivals in and around Stockholm. Venues such as Debaser, Fashing, Harry B James, Norrtälje Blues and Rock Festival and Rockokå Festival to name a few.




Tommy Helgesson
Vocal/ Bass

Konny Jeansson

Mårten Strandberg

Niklas Klaar


Former members:

Mikael Karlsson, Bass (2010-2014)

Lars Lundin, Guitar (2010-2015)