We’re recording a NEW album!

we have some BIG news to share! we have started recording a new album!!! read to the end of this blog post and you’ll have a taste of how it will sound like…

at first, the plan was to make a third EP, but we changed our minds and we have some new kicking ass tracks we wanna get recorded. And as it seems most people prefer whole albums, that is what we’ll do!

and if we get enough requests, and can afford it, we will also turn that album into a CD. What do you think of that?

we record live in the studio, all the instruments at the same time, but first, we concentrate to get the drums right so if Konny doesn’t make any mistakes, that’s one take.

we usually record around 3 takes per song. And then we choose the best drum recording with the most energy

then we record the rest of the instruments and vocals if needed, working to keep the live feeling

We have no release datecoversong list or name for the record yet, but below we’ll give you a secret link to one of the tracks that are going to be on the album. It’s in the pre-production stage and isn’t finished in any way but you’ll get the idea…
Here it is: Save_Me_take2.mp3
We really wanna hear what you think, so please take a minute and give us your thoughts!

26 thoughts on “We’re recording a NEW album!

  1. Phil Harris says:

    Wow just wow save me is brilliant, really looking forward to hearing the new martial. Good luck guys keep up the great work. May see on the tour soon hopefully.
    All the best

  2. Darren C says:

    I am diggin’ this track and am looking forward to the others!

  3. Javier says:

    Really like this track and waiting for the new album. Keep Rocklin guys!

  4. Gary Nordin says:

    Man you guys that’s a kick ass song If that’s any indication of what the rest of the album is like fucking a rock and roll’s back good song you guys can’t wait to see you hopefully you come through Kansas City Missouri

  5. Jose Eduardo says:

    With pleasure I share in ECO’s Rock, your music.

  6. Susanna says:

    I love this song and the fact that you guys are an authentic rock band recording live, with all the instruments played and not dubbed over and over as many do , shows through:) The guitar solo is amazing on this song and I love the singers rock voice too ! Thanks for the link 🤗

  7. Mike says:

    Great song! Seriously looking forward to the release of your new album. I can’t wait!!! Keep on rockin’!!!!!!

    1. Mårten says:

      Thanks Mike, we shure Will keep on rocking! 🤘😎

  8. Marc Rucker says:

    Just like the rest, I liked the track. If it is typical of the other songs, this will be a great album.

  9. Pitbull Hostmann says:

    The songs that I got from FB sounds amazing. Keep up the good work.

  10. Suzanne says:

    Pretty cool! 👍 I like the song ‘Save Me’ and I’m looking forward to your album. Rock on! 🎼🎵👍

  11. Dr. Rock says:

    This is an awesome song, as it is, and I plan to add it to my playlist for my internet radio shows starting this weekend! I spun the other three tracks last Friday night on The FDGN&R Radio Network (Dr. Rock & the Medicine Show @ http://www.fatmanlive.weebly.com), and Saturday morning on Remember Then Radio (Dr. Rock & the Medicine Show @ http://www.rememberthenradio.com). I would love to get my hands on the rest of your catalog.

  12. Blaine Bennett says:

    I Thank your a great rock n roll band your music and lyrics keep on Rockin

  13. John E Sylvia says:

    Keep on doing what you are doing …try to establish contacts in the states..get on a national tour with a big name band…try to come over maybe play smaller venues

  14. Randall Reisz says:

    Dam I meant to post a comment before now but, been busy working on my own songs. Anyway (Save Me), is really good. I love this swells and the underlying bluesy guitar. The vocals, this is meant as a compliment, are channeling a little Geoff Tate. Definitely good potential with this one. I’ll await the progress in production on this song. Great job guys.

  15. Randall M. Reisz says:

    Just wanted to say, I hope the recording/post production (not sure if the recording aspect was already complete and you’re into the post section)is progressing. Anyway, I just listened to “SAVE ME” again and was curious. I actually really like that track. There’s an underlying sadness in there from the guitar melodies (love the guitar fills and lead that I can’t help but play along with) that are adrift upon the melancholy swells. Then the vocals add a emotional longing. As if standing outside just as snow starts falling and you know which way is home and yet.., every direction feels uncertain because even home, has become a stranger to you. A misplaced circumstance. Hmmm, I guess I rambled there a little. Okay, I’ll await an update.


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