THE VAN DESH – We need your opinion!

Hey! Thanks for checking out our music!

Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know us! …and nice to meet ya.

Below you have the three tracks that you can listen to, and after that we would be very happy if you could just take a minute and tell us what you think about our songs


Do you like heavy guitar riffs and distorted organ? …because that’s what makes the first track to a real, classic rock song. It’s taken from our EP “Change


next song… Deathbed was our first single ever. It appears on our album “It Reminds Me”. a groovy bass line together with some technical drums, piano and lots of emotions.


If you have a pair of headphones, put them on and listen to our song “Broken”.
This rock ballad contains both guitar and organ solos. It’s the title track from the EP with the same name. You can really hear the POWER in Tommy’s voice.

We would love to get your feedback …so scroll down and tell us what you think about the tracks.

Thanks again for listening// Mårten, Tommy, Konny, Niklas 


PS. If you use Spotify, you’ll find the tracks here

PSS. if you like what you hear and would like to listen to more music from our albums you can do so here (all our music is not on Spotify)

6 thoughts on “THE VAN DESH – We need your opinion!

  1. Lawrence Fellippello says:

    You can definitely hear the purple sabbath feel. Very nice sound. Not into ballads but they also were good. Good luck👍

    1. Mårten says:

      Thanks Lawrence! Appreciate your honest feedback man! Cheers 🙂

  2. Robert Neighbors says:

    Hell yeah you guys are DAM good keep on rocking.
    You guys have your on style and it’s right up there with the best.
    Get out there y’all have what it takes just get it out there..


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